Free Supplemental Resources

“When in doubt, work on the deficiencies you’re most embarrassed by.”

Tim Ferriss (1977 – )

Here’s a collection of supplemental resources that you can use to either boost your understanding, practice your concepts, or refresh your mind! It’s a mix of notes and worksheets from my actual classes and tutoring sessions as well as other resources from all over the internet.

As you probably know, active recall is the best way to learn anything. Feel free to use these questions as part of your own active recall/spaced repetition regimen.


Cheatsheets (CS) – Designed to give you a one page summary of the concept. These pages are snippets of notes from my tutoring sessions.

Workbooks (WB) – Filled with problems excellent for practicing active recall

Active Recall Worksheets (ARW) – these are worksheets from my classes that you can use to practice your skills

Math Fundamentals

Standardized Test Prep