About Me

SHORT BIO (Copy & Paste as needed):

Christopher Mukiibi is a private tutor, music producer, writer, and chemist.

Long Bio:

Hi! I’m Chris Mukiibi and I’m a tutor, music producer, writer, and chemist.

Since 2014, I’ve helped hundreds of students achieve their academic and career goals.

I believe that everyone deserves an education that helps them lead fulfilling and healthy lives. The right education will alleviate all suffering and I can help you learn anything you need to know.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and spent most of my college days dedicated to helping other students improve their performance.

I’m well versed in the art of learning and the most recent evidence-based studying techniques.

Today, I’m working on turning my experience and knowledge into blog posts, videos, curriculums, and other forms of content to make my services and education more accessible.

I’m also insanely passionate about music. I believe the most beautiful aspect of human beings is our capacity to create unique art and is the foundation for a fulfilling life.

I have a YouTube Channel focused on music production where you can find video tutorials and my beat portfolio. I also have a beat store for artists interested in purchasing beats.

Some Personal Facts
  • Born in 1994
  • Grew up in Temecula, California
  • My dad is from Uganda and my mom is from the Philippines
  • I have a sister who is 4 years younger than me
  • I have a girlfriend
  • I have 2 dogs
  • I’d do anything for a carne asada burrito